the list

“Why is my name not on the list? It was there yesterday! Who erased my name?”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in being on God’s List, my name in His Book of Life, and finding out that ‘I matter,’ then ‘what’s up?'”)

You were left off the list of “who matters?”

Even the scums of the Earth made the list.

But you? Left off, not on. Mad as hatters.

What now? Right on, not off. Can you exist?

I can’t find my name on the list either.

It was there yesterday. Today? Erased.

I’m not mad, just hopeless. Take a breather.

I’m waiting for someone to retrace spaced.

“He who overcomes not to be erased.”

Revelation Three:5 – THE LIST OF LIFE.

Are we UpperCased yet….or undercased?

Large or small? Strong or weak? God Peace or strife?

I gotta walk the dog, fill up my cup,

cry, hope, email, pray, cry: the list’s “what’s up?”

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