“Have you entertained an angel today? Or has one entertained you?”

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Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. – Hebrews 13:2

I was doing a Bible lesson the other day about hospitality, and the above Hebrew scripture came to me unawares. Since that lesson, I have had that scripture gnawing and nagging at me, and there must  be a reason for that, right? I’m determined to find out….

What a huge blessing all hotel front desk clerks (FDCs) have in being able to show hospitality to strangers. And to know that FDCs might just be entertaining angels, without even knowing it, is certainly the icing on the vegan heaven cake. What about you? You might not be an FDC, but is it possible through your hospitality to others that you are entertaining angels? Correct me if I’m wrong but right about now, entertaining angels and having them hanging around us would be much needed and much appreciated, don’t you think?

So, how do I entertain angels at my job as front desk clerk at DISCOVERY INN & SUITES? First and foremost, when I am checking someone in, I make it a point to call him or her by first name frequently. I personally have watched very unhappy guests get happier after I have acknowledged them by the first name over and over again. The Bible says that angels have unique names and personalities, so I want to make sure that when I check in a guest, knowing that I might be entertaining an angel, that I call that angel by his for her first name. I usually don’t tire out from obliging a request from a guest. I make the appropriate calls and take the appropriate action to grant each guest what he or she needs. No request is too small or too big when it comes to entertaining angels. “Your TV remote ain’t working? Here, let me see if I can fix that for you because if you are an angel, I want to make sure your TV is working so you are entertained as much as you are entertaining me.” 

What about when I have to entertain a guest who is not acting anything like an angel? Am I still supposed to entertain that guest? Of course. It’s not easy but how would I know if this “bad mood” guest is not really an angel? Do angels always have to be in great moods? You would think, “yes,” but I want to make sure I entertain anyway just in case, you know? If a guest comes in and gives me attitude, my first response, like most, is to be rude back. But, oh oh….what if that guest is an angel? If I give that angel attitude back, what’s gonna happen to my “angel points” I’m looking to cash in on in heaven? I can be rude right back to this angel BUT if that guest “angel” is in a bad mood and that puts me in a bad mood, doesn’t that just mean that now there are two people or angels in a bad mood? What good will that do me for my “angel points?” Now, if the guest “angel” is in a bad mood but I give him or her a good attitude, it stands to reason the “angel” might spread his or her wings and fly just a little bit higher. And, who knows, maybe my own angel wings will spread wider and fly me higher, too.

Hospitality is unconditional. If one is truly hospitable, then one is always hospitable, regardless of one’s circumstances or another’s circumstances. There’s a reason the word, “hospital” is in the word, “hospitality.” Hospitals don’t turn away sick people; they welcome ALL sick people. Hotels have to do the same thing. Just because a “sick” guest checks in doesn’t mean we have to turn him or her away. We just have to “heal” them by treating them with love, kindness and respect, especially when they give us hate, rudeness, and disrespect. Because if we act like angels ourselves, “for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

– Timothy J. Verret, Creative Marketing Rep, DISCOVERY INN AND SUITES

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