“This hand (both hands, if applicable) I offer to you as my monumental milestones: FORGIVE. This hand (both hands, if applicable) and these 5 fingers (10 fingers, if applicable) have traveled many monumental milestones to reach you: FORGIVE.”

(“GO”d’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in :FORGIVE)

You have tasted what the world offers: Gross.

Your eyes are bloodshot from bloodshed: Relive.

You have heard how they speak to you: Morose.

You need monumental milestones: FORGIVE.

My mouth, eyes and ears mirror me nothing.

By Faith in Invisible God, I Live.

The monumental milestones are my thing.

The miles of milestones I travel: FORGIVE.

“Forgive them, God, for they carry dead stones.”

Luke TwentyThree:34 – They can’t sieve

these stones they tote for miles with brittle bones.

Jesus grants Monumental Miles: FORGIVE.

God’s Sign ahead says, “40 miles to live.”

We “GO”d monumental milestones: FORGIVE.

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