“I’m just as ‘shamed and pained to see people in cages as I am animals in cages. I pray God sets ALL people and animal captives free!”
“Until NOT ONE single living captive is left in a cage, SPAY AND NEUTER PLEASE!!!!”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “sometimes when God has me write these sonnets, I can feel very intense pain and a feeling of being ‘worn out’ from the message to convey, and this sonnet was no exception to that ‘real deal'”)

You forget that you’re free. Maybe you’re ‘shamed.

“Why should I be free when others are not?”

Good point. True point. You’re in the blurred of blamed.

You’re gonna self-destruct soon; steamed/boiled pot.

I could be right that I don’t deserve free

after what I’ve done; guilt captivity.

I’m not ‘shamed to admit the “red dead sea”

waves I made and make; guilt motivity.

“God proclaims liberty to captives: FREE!”

Isaiah SixtyOne:1 – Not OUR key

that sets us free. No! Jesus, we decree,

witness entry. Cramped cages we do flee.

We don’t have to do nothing now but breathe.

Jesus sealed the Real Deal. Free seal from seethe.

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