“You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” – Psalm 145:16

“God opens His Hands and accepts the hands and paws and wings and fins of all living beings.”

Why do we limit our God to believing He is only willing to open His Hand to his human children? Don’t we believe that our God can and is more than willing to open His Hand to his “animal children?”

I believe God wants to hold hands….and paws and wings and fins, too.

We always seem to limit our God. Why do we do that? If God created every living being and “saw that it was good,” don’t we have an obligation to all that God called “good?” If, “yes,” what would that obligation look like?:


  1. We are obligated NOT to harm ANY human or animal….period. No child abuse, no domestic abuse, no sexual abuse. No fast-food drive-thrus to have someone else kill our meat. If we wouldn’t kill the animal ourselves, why are we allowing someone else to do it for us?
  2. We are obligated NOT to treat so poorly ANY human or animal….period. No bullying, no cyberbullyng, no race or sexual orientation discrimination. No zoos, circuses, research labs, factory farms…ALL of them treat animals poorly.
  3. We are obligated NOT to put in danger ANY human or animal….period. No abandonment of any human being, child or adult. If someone puts two dogs or two roosters in a ring to fight, that is putting those animals in danger.
  4. We are obligated NOT to dominate ANY human or animal….period. No man dominates another man. No woman dominates another woman. No human dominates another human. Rodeos and bullfighting might be entertaining to some, but it really is nothing but a showcase of man’s domination over a weaker species.

God’s Word leaves the door open for humans to have free will. We say animals don’t have this, like they are excluded from God’s Love and Compassion? And are there not consequences to a human’s free will that is not aligned with God’s Word? If God tells us we are to regard the life of animals, i.e., “the righteous one takes care of his domestic animals” (Proverbs 12:10) and if humans (his) have dominion over animals (Genesis 1:26), meaning they really are ALL humans’ (his) domestic animals, then we do an obligation and a duty to apply the above 4 “God’s Good” to them, as well as humans. But we do have free will, right? Wow, what was God thinking when he gave us free will? That’s an easy one: God gave us free will only to realize that we will always fail on this free will and hopefully come back to Him to receive His “God’s Good” Will. That’s what I had to do; that’s what I still struggle to do.

Once again, I’m back to the whole “love and compassion for people AND animals.” Yes, having love and compassion for animals comes easier to me, but that don’t mean I am ready to throw humans to the wolves (pun intended) just yet. And, if I’m being honest, animals didn’t hurt me….humans did. But I have not given up on humanity just yet, no matter how crazy they can be sometimes…myself included.

“You care about BOTH people AND animals, O Lord.” (Psalms 36:6).

That, right there, is the journey I am on.

How about you?

-Timothy J. Verret

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