“I will share this water with you, dear friend.”

You are one to bring joy into this world.

You are one who cries when no one around.

You are one that is this: Emotions furled.

You’re happy and you’re hurt; free up, clamp down.

I’m the one to bring truth onto this earth.

I’m the one who probes deep, finds gems in grime.

I’m the one that is this: Relived childbirth.

I’m power and I’m weak; guiltless and crime.

“Grass dies, flowers fade, but God’s Word sprouts still.”

Isaiah 40:Eight – Duality

is NOT God’s Love. No hot and cold. Refill?

Cup runneth over. No finality.

We make plans, we make lists, we sprout up first.

We surrender to last; we wet God’s Thirst.


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