When Timmy was just a wee young lad, his favorite animal was a “G”….Giraffe. He actually pronounced it, “Graffe.” Cute!

Timmy was all about the “Graffe” today. He took to the Peg Brite with his usual flair of imagination, creativity, and heart. Look at what he did! That “Graffe” and that “G” are stellar!

A memory showed up in this process: When I (Timmy) had a birthday party, (can’t recall the numbered year), I was over the moon when I received a large stuffed giraffe. The “Graffe” was big with a very long neck, yellow, with black spots. I’d give anything to post that picture here, but I believe my parents have it in one of their photo albums. I will have to see if I can photograph it and post it here. As I remember the photo, my face was all lit up and I was SOOOO happy.

Now, I am 53 years old and I still sleep with a stuffed animal….”S” as in Snoopy. And this brings back yet another memory: I (Timmy) had this stuffed animal that was a dog, and he/she had very, very long ears (not a long neck, though) that were hairy and furry (God, I hope it was faux fur!). I used to comb that hair religiously, if I remember correctly. I was a dog lover and even a dog groomer back then. 😉

I’m so grateful to give Timmy this opportunity to bring his artwork and his passion and his personality to NOW. NOW is where we all must live, especially when the past and the future calls us to revisit and reclaim and release. It is okay, though, to revisit and reclaim and release the past, as well as the future. But it is the NOW where we find love, peace, patience, joy, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

NOW is these NINE!

SIDE NOTE: I suppose “G” can stand for Giraffe (Timmy sure thinks so), but I have grown accustomed to revisit and reclaim and release the “G” NOW, where it stands for GOD!

Much love always and many blessings forever,

Timothy and Timmy

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