As per my writing course at THE WRITE PRACTICE, we were instructed to launch a story, something we may have written already or something new. If I’m being honest, I have a million-and-one stories I have written and still want to write that would fit this launch, but I chose CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN as a “relaunch,” because I really didn’t give this children’s book justice when it was first published. It seems like the right time and that Clarabelle is the right “swine ” to “come clean” and shine.

Here is the letter that I have composed that will be sent out to the appropriate individuals and groups. I am eager to target organizations that aim to stop bullying, as well as animal welfare groups. If you can think of any individual, group or organization that might benefit from the relaunching of CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN, please reply to this posting:

As the author of CLARABELLE COMES CLEAN, I had no idea at the time that I wrote the book that I would one day have to “come clean” myself. This is why I am relaunching this children’s book on June 1, 2020.

Clarabelle surely does “comes clean” in this story to show the bullies that pigs are not muddy but rather pristine. This heroine for all time also shows us that she needed to do this peacefully and gently. Clarabelle reminds all of us that to fight the bullies in our lives, we have to fight that inner struggle that tells us we aren’t good enough and that the bullies will not have the last word. As someone who was bullied throughout most of my youth and ended up bullying myself almost as bad as the bullies did, Clarabelle has inspired me and continues to inspire me to let others in my life, myself included, know peacefully and gently that I am good enough and I always have been good enough. 

I invite you on this journey with Clarabelle and me. Wipe away that mud, even if you have get “down and dirty,” and join us on this journey with only one destination:

To “come clean” and pristine.

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