“We are MADE WHOLE by God when we see and listen with His Eyes and Ears.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in wearing the Whole Armor of God [eyes, ears, mouth, heart, fists, feet] just for today, ‘my daily bread'”)

You can reach them just by the hour you spend

listening to them; they feel less alone.

You got this heart of gold and red of blend.

Sheep flock to you; they know you know they’ve grown.

I got ears, too; they do have otitis.

I might have to lend more ears to reach you.

I’ll do that ’cause got no ophthalmitis.

See you better than fine; I look into.

“Eyes and Ears of God attentive to just.”

Psalm 34:Fifteen – Righteous and Left

Eyes and Ears God has, not a Breach of Trust.

Rather a Pardon, a Ransomed Bereft.

When we are the eyes and ears of His Soul,

we see and listen well, hard, deep, long, WHOLE.

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