Yesterday, I took to the floor with Timmy, prepared to do our animal drawings together, but Timmy had other plans.

When Timmy was a very little child, Lite Brite was his thing. He would spend hours upon hours playing with it, de”light”ing in the imagination and colors and creativity of what he made and then saw before him. So, last week, I looked for a Light Brite online but couldn’t find the original, but I knew this newly-developed Peg Brite would do Timmy just fine, so I ordered it for him.

I took it out yesterday and let Timmy choose an animal he wanted to Peg, the sweet little bird seen in the photo above. Timmy took to it with ease and comfort and dedicated imagination and always with that reach to reveal the animal’s soul through colors, and this is the essence of Timmy’s heart and creativity….and mine.

I think we did just fine, don’t you?

It’s okay, and maybe even needed, to go back to when we were so innocent, when the world hadn’t got a hold of us yet, when everything was just so darn pure and so darn special. I allow Timmy this golden opportunity as best I can, because I want him to know that he was always special and always unique and always loved no matter how the circumstances eventually played out and love somehow got lost in translation.

I invite you to return to your inner child’s innocence and creativity TODAY. God affords Timmy and I a relationship of mutual love and compassion and creativity and, most importantly, giving a voice for the animals we both adore so much and want to help so deeply. Please know Timmy and I care about people, too; it’s just that we have been hurt by so many people and we really don’t know if we can truly trust them right now.

Much love and many blessings for All God’s Creation,

Timothy and Timmy

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