“God winks at me and He throws in everything PLUS the kitchen sink.”

You got The Grace. You done made it all through.

You’re someone who does not need the backing.

You’re arresting others, reading them their due.

You forget you’re imperfect, you’re cracking.

“Be kind to me,” is where The Grace resides.

‘Cause if you’re not there with that, it’s a threat.

You Grace got. Me? NOT! Here comes the divides.

I’m in the backseat, “are we not there yet?

“Be kind to one another. Christ is kind.”

Ephesians 4:ThirtyTwo – You don’t care?

‘Cause kindness is you saved, me nevermind.

You treat me better than you treat you, fair?

I don’t even merit a winky-dink

from you. God winks, throws in the kitchen sink.

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