“And in the in between of life and death, I predict God is in the….middle.”

(a poem by Timothy J. Verret)

I can’t predict you.

You’re like the weather to me.

You’re hot and cold and rain and drought and clouds and storms and tornadoes and typhoons and hail and hell.

I can’t predict you.

I can’t predict me.

I’m like the game to you.

I’m win and lose and victory and defeat and champion and opponent and wager and forfeit and help and hell.

I can’t predict me.

But we can predict God.

God’s like the Spirit to us.

God’s hope and glory and ease and comfort and joy and freedom and patient and kind and control and surrender and….


Those last two just don’t gel.

Control AND surrender?

We gotta lose one over the other.

We can’t predict this one.

We gotta decide.

You’re death.

I’m life.

I’m death.

You’re life.

I predict God is in the….


2 thoughts on “MIDDLE

  1. I like the struggle of control verses surrender questioning self and other to conclude God first in the matter. My only suggestion is over years to not use can’t or but(s) in writing which can be sometimes challenging. I do like the exclamation in your write, the choice of capital letters to express sense of urgency to WAIT and choose wisely to surrender.


    1. Thank you, Lisa Marie, for reading and commenting on my poem, MIDDLE. I am very curious as to what your objection was about the use of the words, “can’t” and “but.” Does it slow down the flow of the poem or is that these are just “ordinary, common” words to be avoided or is it challenging in some other way? Just very curious….


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