(A photo from the final scene of THE DANISH GIRL when Lily’s scarf that Gerda is wearing is about to take to the wind. This is probably my most favorite final scene from any film, as it has so much to do with us as beautiful and colored scarves soaring to freedom that comes from looking around and seeing the beauty and brutality of this world and, at the same time, coming to terms with the acceptance of BOTH, what will fill the w[hole])

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in Love, just that, all that, nothing but that”)

NOTE: This sonnet was inspired by two films.

  1. The idea for the sonnet was inspired by the film, SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (#10 favorite film).
  2. The last two lines of the sonnet, as well as the title, were inspired by the final scene in the film, THE DANISH GIRL (#4 favorite film) [see above photo for more on this inspiration]

You’re inspired by how much you want and gain.

You’re someone who owns the world, yet has lost

touch with what and who you possess; bane reign.

“You done good, kid.” But bad, too. What exhaust!

I want to talk about inspiration,

not about what I own or claim or fate.

It’s Love, I tell you, that is my nation,

my “Love has no borders,” no one to hate.

“Be gracious to me by Your Loving Kind.”

Psalm 51:One – Love inspires our soul.

God put it there, brought it down; humankind

needs it constantly, effortlessly w(hole).

I tell you this much: Love is us as wind.

We’re scarves all airborne having been God-Mend.

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