We’re letting God “ALL GO!”

“There‘s a reason the word, ‘go,’ is in the word, “God.”

You’re a see-sawer, up and down are you.

One minute, “all go.” Next minute, “no show.”

It’s the little things that distract, fall through.

“How important is it really?” Big toe?

Sights, sounds, tastes, talks, walks, shit, piss, pain, gain….check!

House, car, phone, tablet, food, drink….all a shrug.

What about life and love? Warrants a speck?

No! A bonanza! ALL! Snug as a bug.

“For God is not of disorder but peace.”

First Corinthians 4teen:33 –

We have minds that crumple, calculate crease,

but God smooths out the heart. How free is free?

We’re weighted down with worries and warped woes,

but God is God. We’re letting God “ALL GO!”

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