Day 28 of COURAGEOUS CREATIVE – I was instructed to draw what was right in front of me. At that time, it happened to be Cow Girl! This is a “movement drawing,” because Cow Girl would not stand still for the portrait! ;))))

I am winding down on the Christian creative workbook, COURAGEOUS CREATIVE, as this exercise is day 28 out of 31 days. To say this workbook has been a complete and utter joy and a game-changer is a HUGE understatement. It has shown me in as much detail as a Vincent Van Gogh painting how I am to live up to the mission statement at my writer website: Watch me as I create everything for God’s Glory. Do I miss the mark with this sometimes? Oh, you better believe it….but God’s got me getting there!

As is often the case with dogs who find their way to me, or me to them, valuable lessons are learned in a state of “puppy grace,” and I find myself needing to share what I learned from Cow Girl with you….

I am sure most of you are familiar with who Cow Girl is and how she came into my life. If not, I invite you to inquire further with me if you need filling in of those blanks (and, yes, I am looking for a new home for her but not having too much luck….but praying). As you can see by the above photo, Cow Girl got her name because she is black and white all over (with a cherry on top, if you want to visualize that). But what always appears to be true at first glance, especially in the physical realm, can take on a much greater and much deeper meaning if we allow ourselves to go much greater and much deeper. In this case, Cow Girl might be black and white on the outside, but inside she is ALL colors! This is why I drew Cow Girl with an amazing technicolor fur coat! Joseph from the Bible has nothing on Cow Girl!

All this to say: This is us! How many times do we see someone and we make a physical judgment about him or her? “Oh, he’s black! Oh, she’s white! Oh, he’s tall! Oh, she’s skinny!” And those are the nicer ones. But what if we were to go much greater and much deeper? What might we find? I can only use me as an example. Someone might see me and say, “Oh, he’s bald! Oh, he’s got a pretty protruding proboscis! Oh, he’s a little chunky around the middle!” And that’s all pretty accurate, by the way. But what if someone went much greater and much deeper with me? Would they be able to “see” that I’m a pretty cool guy, pretty sweet, pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty creative, etc. (I purposely used the word, “pretty,” here, because I often don’t feel I am “pretty” to look at it). Do we short-sight and short-change others when we just see their surface and we don’t go much greater and much deeper to really see them? I think we do.

Black and white (but mostly black) dogs are my favorite! It has a lot to do with what animal shelters call “the black dog syndrome.” This means that black dogs (and cats) are the last ones to be adopted from a shelter. Now, this might be racially motivated or just some kind of coincidence, but it also might be because potential adopters find black dogs “boring.” They are just black after all! But I think these same adopters need to go much greater and much deeper with these black dogs. Like Cow Girl, they will find that these same black dogs are actually multicolored! They are all cow girls and cow boys of many varied and wonderfully unique colors!

Find out more about “black dog syndrome” and ways that you can help at:

“You both are beautifully black-AND-colored in my book!”

Much greater blessings and much deeper love always,

Timothy (and Cow Girl)

2 thoughts on “COW GIRL OF MANY COLORS

  1. Timothy, Just beautiful and touching. It’s a shame people aren’t color blind and see with their hearts instead of their prejudice. When they adopt or get a puppy or kitten, they have to stop and realize it is a life time commitment and you don’t just throw away when you are done playing with them. Great read and it should touch a few people…we can only hope. Marcia

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    1. Yes, Marcia. We can certainly hope. That we can do. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your kind words and kind thoughts about the lifetime commitment of pets. I hope people can really get that. 🙂


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