“I did NOT take this picture or write this. But I am sharing it. I dug it up and choose not to bury it.”

THE BOSTON GLOBE banned from its newspapers this ad with an emotionally raw and truthful article about the cruel realities of factory farms and what farm animals have to endure in these house of horrors.

Yes, the truth hurts, don’t it? But when we ban the truth, what are we doing? Are we lying? We don’t want to look at the truth, so we ban it? And it goes away? Once we have seen, can we really look away? Truth: Yes, we can look away! We do it ALL THE TIME! But does it ever go away? What we’ve seen? Won’t it show up again? When we bury the truth, does it stay nice and neatly buried? Or will we dig it up subconsciously? Or someone will dig it up for us?

I’m a digger. I dig and dig to get to the truth. I get tired of digging sometimes, so I take a break from digging, but then I start digging again. I’m always digging. And sometimes I dig up the wrong thing, so I put it back in the ground and bury it. But sometimes I dig up exactly what I was supposed to dig up, and then I hold it, I play with it, I survey it, I try to figure out how it works. Then, and only then, can I decide if I am going to keep this thing I dug up or bury it again.

We can dig. We can bury.


we can ban the truth and just walk away.

Can we.


Can we?

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