“Sheep hear God’s Voice behind; they let Him lead them to green pastures beside still waters.”

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope that I always obey The Voice Behind, God’s Voice, as I am not a sheep sent to slaughter but rather a sheep sent to Salvation”)

You can walk forward; you can know the way to go.

You got the voice behind saying, “Avoid

voids, invite all, and love deep, too.” The lo-

neliness of this walk is you annoyed.

The voice behind tells me, “Please don’t look back.

You’re not going that way.” My past has passed.

My old is lost; I am newfound. My knack

is to lifetime travel, hardships amassed.

“I am the voice calling out in the woods.”

John One:23 – Make straight for His Way.

God’s The Voice behind us in neighborhoods

where children laugh and play, where adults pray (prey).

We can wish God’s Voice was ahead instead,

but the Voice behind sees danger widespread.

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