“I was not made to carry your burdens. I was only made to carry Jesus.”

NOTE: I wrote this sonnet today, and it was unbeknownst to me at the time that today is World Donkey Day (May 8, 2020). So, I dedicate this sonnet to all donkeys who are forced to carry other people’s loads. Donkeys are not to pull our loads; that is why God created U-Hauls! “U”-haul your own loads and give donkeys a much-deserved break from us breaking their backs.

You got burdens. You got unseen down pat.

And you hide, too. “I don’t want to just whine.”

Why’s that? ‘Cause you frighten the scaredy cat?

In fact, you got more fear than the feline.

I don’t call them burdens; I call them weight.

They “weight” on me hand and foot when I’m spent.

They got me immobile, too stiff to freight

my goods (and bads), too down, no came or went.

“Cast your burdens on Him. He is your weight.”

Psalm Fifty-Five:22 – He’s our Haul.

Retire the horses and donkeys from crate-

carrying. We let Him pull our load’s gall.

We were never meant to go it alone.

We let Him unburden us….else, tombstone.

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