I would hope that others don’t see me as someone who promotes my vegan lifestyle. I actually have known some vegans who won’t have any affiliation with nonvegans and certainly would never sit at the same table with them “to eat or not eat”….meat. I find that pretty hardcore and probably not a very compassionate thing to do. Veganism for the animals is all about compassion, is it not? So, not too cool to be compassionate toward animals but be cruel toward humans.

“To eat or not eat”….meat? As someone who believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit contained in the Bible, I don’t particularly like to make such a judgment call as to say whether humans should eat animals or not. The Bible gives some opinions about it and, for me, they sometimes seem to contradict, though other Christians don’t feel that is true. They believe God gives us the right to do whatever we want with animals. They somehow cannot distinguish between dominion and domination, and that is very sad for them, the animals, and God. But the point I am trying to make is, “who am I to tell someone else to eat or not eat….meat?” Who made me God all of a sudden? “To thine own self be true.” What gives me the right to tell someone else about what is true or not true for “thine own self?”

But, all that said, I am certainly one not afraid to take a reflective stance based on Bible verses that reveal to me that we as followers of Jesus Christ do, in fact, have a duty to show compassion toward God’s Animals. I always gravitate toward this Bible verse: “You care about (revere) both people and animals, O Lord” [Psalm 36:6] or “the righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” [Proverbs 12:10]. Yes, I do believe God actually cares about ALL He has created, including animals, and wants no harm whatsoever to come to ALL He has created, including animals., and that God indeed expects the same from us.

“But, Timothy, God gave us dominion over animals and tells us we are allowed to eat them!” Yes, I know, I see, and I understand. But, that said, I am left with nothing but just “if.”

“If”we know God’s Animals are raised on factory farms (where 99% of the meat consumed by humans comes from)

“If”we know these factory farms are where animals are treated as “products” and “non-feeling” objects for our insatiable appetite for the taste of meat and the need for protein

“If” we know these same factory farms are where:
1. Farm animals never, EVER go outside. They don’t know anything about the sun on their face, the way the cool wind feels on their bodies, and there are no windows in factory farms for the animals to look out on all that God has created for ALL His Creatures to praise Him for.
2. Male chicks are crushed in a grinder alive because they are considered “waste” in the fact that they cannot produce eggs.
3. Hens are “shocked” in battery cages to lay more and more eggs than they would if they were not “shocked.”
4. Chicks have the pointy tip of their beaks chopped off without anesthesia to prevent excessive pecking of others chickens from overcrowding.
5. Mamma cows have their baby calves torn from them right at birth, and the mother cows moan and literally cry for 3 days straight, until the mother cow has to be artificially inseminated to have more babies torn from her again and again.
5. Pigs are castrated without anesthesia and mother pigs are kept in gestation crates where they can’t even move around and are forced to live their entire lives lying on concrete floors.
6. Cows raised for veal are kept in tiny cages and fed an anemic diet so that there meat will be more tender and tasty for human consumption.
7. Dairy cows are forced to produce an unnatural amount of milk with their udders practically dragging on the ground, all for human consumption.

“If” I could go on and on listing more of these cruel facts (but I’m too sick to my stomach to do so)

“If” we know ALL the above and we know that we would never inflict such cruelty on another human being or even our own pets and we know that we would never kill another human being or even our own pets, would we still want to inflict cruelty on and kill a farm animal raised for human meat consumption on factory farms, “houses of horror?”

PLEASE don’t listen to me (you probably already stopped doing this eons ago….haha). These are just words I typed up and strung together, though they are factual. It has been said a picture is worth a thousand more words than I could ever type up and string together. Find out the TRUTH by watching the above documentary (it’s only about 15 minutes top…you have 15 minutes you can spare, don’t you?). Watch it and decide. It’s not my job to decide for you, I’m just some messy messenger, maybe, so no need to shoot me! 

And PLEASE know I’m sure to get much furied flack on this one, but I, more than anything, always seek to understand rather than to be understood. I know I know so little and that what I want to know about God and His People and His Animals is often beyond my understanding, but I still seek to know and understand.

Much love and blessings for ALL God’s Creation and Creatures, people and animals,


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