(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in kind words spoken by me and to me and about me”)

You got hit with sticks and stones, but the words

are what broke your bones, what crushed your heart’s hopes.

“Stupid!” “Worthless!” “Dumbass!” Yes, for the birds

these words. They hung your humane heart from ropes.

I am not as strong as words. I am limp.

Words go through me to my soul and they pierce

my pained body with zero time to primp

and prepare myself for the whack all fierce.

“Gentle words bring life; deceitful tongue slays.”

Proverbs Fifteen:4 – Words of endearment.

“Love” is such a word, THE WORD, we must raise

high; the white surrendered flag of “cheer”ment.

We can speak a mean streak of words too mean,

or we can speak a love streak of words preen.

2 thoughts on “WORDS

  1. Mothers teach us that mantra but cruel words scar the heart. You are right, a punch hurts for a day or less, a cruel word hurts you everytime you think of it. Yes, words can hurt more than once. As a parent, harsh words are taken to heart and weigh down your very soul. Keep writing. Marcia

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    1. My therapist, Mark, who I adore has some child clients. He thinks this sonnet would be extremely beneficial to them. Mark has read my sonnets to some of his clients that were applicable but he couldn’t use my name for anonymity reasons. It does my heart good to know that God has a message or two or three for me to deliver in His Name and NOT in my name! :))))


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