I just get SO blown away by Timmy’s level of compassion and empathy! He never ceases to impress me with his incredible depth that is a deep well of the most deepest emotions. It is so deep that Timmy can take an animal and give that animal all the feelings that Timmy in his heart of hearts believes and knows all animals possess. Some would like to say, “You’re not supposed to anthropomorphize animals. They are NOT humans!” But I don’t think Timmy accepts that at all, and I certainly do not desire at all to change his beautiful heart in any way. If that is working for Timmy, then it is working for me! I want him to keep it that way! It is because Timmy does this that he is able to enlighten others on the desperate need to treat all God’s Animals with love, compassion, and respect…because they deserve that!

Truth be told, Timmy struggled SO much with receiving love, compassion and respect and yet from this, and maybe because of this, Timmy seeks to bring love, compassion and respect to those who are not receiving that. The misfits. The outcasts. The misunderstood. And that runs the gamut of not just animals but humans, too! That is a testimony to the extremely empathic heart of Timmy. I would never in a million years instruct Timmy to be anything but who he is. And on that note, for myself, neither would I care to instruct myself to be anything but who I am. Timmy has taught me that, and I thank him immensely for it!

YES! This seal in Timmy’s drawing CAN feel, as CAN all animals, and we need to acknowledge that and put ourselves in their shoes…or, more appropriately, paws. And we as developed and for the most part intellectual humans need to know this down to our core and apply it accordingly in the name of empathy and compassion for ALL God’s Creatures. I know I quote this scripture constantly, but I think it bears repeating: “You care about (revere) both people and animals, O Lord.” (Psalm 36:6[b]). This is something unfortunately I see not at all in Christianity, and it baffles me. I don’t understand how it is okay to never eat your dog or cat but it’s quite okay to eat a cow or a pig or a chicken. This is speciesism, and I don’t accept that as living as a Christian. I see ALL God’s People and Animals as equal, not one better or less than another, and I seek only to have love, compassion and respect for ALL God’s People and Animals. Love might be a 4-lettered word, but it’s also a 4-legged word (and a 4-feathered word), too.

Many blessings and much love and empathy ALWAYS,

Timothy and Timmy

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