(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; “it’s how I cope to hope in TOO much forgiveness for TOO few friends”)

SONNET WRITER’S NOTE: I was challenged with the last word of this sonnet. I was conflicted on whether to use “refused” or “excused.” I felt that “excused” was necessary, as the sonnet is about the excusal that leads to forgiveness. But I also felt that “refused” was necessary, TOO, because it’s when we are refused that we have the graced opportunity to forgive. I went with “refused,” because that is my current struggle, i.e., when I am “refused,” I find it TOO difficult to forgive. But feel free to read the sonnet with “excused” as the last word if that suits your fancy. I, though, have to go with, “refused,” for to refuse myself doing the opposite of that would be refusing myself the chance to be TOO “real.”

You only feel alive when you are real,

and it’s only real when you are alive.

But death awaits; you know it’s a done deal.

You live then, whether all gain or deprive.

“Love, affect me so that I feel alive,”

I cry out. I’m in too deep to too out

me that too love. I’m pushed back hard. I shrive

when I’m too this, but I’m just not too clout.

“Love prospers in forgiveness of friends’ faults.”

Proverbs Seventeen:9 – When we excuse

their trespasses, ’cause we trespass too; salts

in our wounds bleed self-gashed, self-crimsoned ooze.

Be real to each other; angels amused;

Be alive to each other; be refused.

One thought on “TOO

  1. Timothy, I read this twice, it is deep, touching my soul. I like the refuse but excuse would work but not as well. I love the line that love prospers in forgivness of friends’ faults. I have always felt that the only way to have a friend is to be one. That works except for the people who don’t want your friendship. I have 3 friends that I consider dear, my husband, a lady friend of over 35 years and my older sister for 65 years. God Bless and Keep you safe. Marcia


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