Guest Author Spotlight For May 2020

“We can’t have the spotlight on us 24/7 but need to step into it from time to time.” – Timothy J. Verret

I have been featured as Author Spotlight for May at Monica MacKinnon’s writer website,

I got introduced to Ms. MacKinnon when I read a short story she wrote called THE CRACK IN THE SIDEWALK. It just blew me away! It basically told my own personal story, and the reading of it was very cathartic and revelatory for me as the reader. I immediately reached out to Ms. MacKinnon to let her know how much her story moved me and how I felt I had lived every single step and thought of the protagonist (who was a female, by the way). I even relayed to Ms. MacKinnon in a very personal note that I, like the protagonist in her story, would pour out liquor on those hopeless nights and wishing I hadn’t done that, as well as throw pills in the toilet and flush them, only to wish I could put my hand in there and get them back before they made their deposit in the sewer. It was a very, very dark time in my life, and I appreciated that Ms. MacKinnon was able to so effectively tap into that lonely period of my life to bring me much-needed healing from a very sad past.

I invite you to please thank Ms. MacKinnon for giving me and Clarabelle the spotlight this month of May at her website. You can visit her website also to find out more about what she is writing and order a book or two from her (I did and so looking forward to the day I receive it).

Ms. MacKinnon writes in her biography that she is a writer of emotions, so it is safe to say that her and I are writing together in a familiar and comfy cocoon with the same goal in mind: To give our stories and characters the greatest depth of emotions, so as to move our readers’ hearts and minds and allow them the opportunity to feel whatever it is they feel WITHOUT judgment.

Please click the link below to meet Monica MacKinnon. I think you will like who you meet there and will definitely want to follow her in her writing endeavours. I sure do!

Much love and many blessings,

Timothy J. Verret….

and Clarabelle!

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