“Hey little Timothy, you comfortable up there? I don’t mind carrying you, Timothy. You are NOT heavy at all.” – Jesus, The Good Shepherd

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope in being carried by Jesus, The Good Shepherd, just like it shows in the photo)

You need a shepherd, a rod and a staff.

You are a sheep in need of a shearing,

a man in need of height from the riffraff,

but, you, a weeping sheep, yes, need steering.

What is a shepherd if not someone sane?

I need a sane shepherd, not a crazed fool.

A shepherd of my occipital vein,

who can bleed it deep red of my cesspool.

“Like a good shepherd, He will tend His flock.”

Isaiah 4ty:Eleven – He goes

and gathers us in His Bosom. Tick-Tock

Timing He got. Like now. Like here. Like knows.

We got this Good Shepherd, name of Jesus.

We are never left. “Guide us, don’t hide us.”

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