(FEROCIOUSLY) “I’m so angry at you!!!! Why did you do this to me?!?!” – GIVER

(calmly) “I didn’t do anything. That’s about YOUR ‘ang’er and YOUR ‘ang’st.” – RECEIVER

You got “ang”er but you don’t see the “ang”st.

You think they deserve the “ang”er you got.

But they do not. That’s about your “langst,”

a word that means, “You are the one so hot!”

My “ang”er and my “ang”st are bedfellows.

They spoon as two. They fight for the covers.

They go after nobody. Their bellows

are not to fire you up; they’re just lovers.

“Slow to anger better than the mighty.”

Proverbs Sixteen:32 – “Ang” is weak,

whether “ang”er or “ang”st. It’s our flighty

to put all that on another; OUR leak!

We must hang our “ang” around our own necks.

“Ang”er and “ang”st, we own up to. God checks.

2 thoughts on ““ANG”ER AND “ANG”ST

  1. Very nice! As scholars have said, ‘langst’ burns their own ‘self’ and burns ‘other’ BUT eventually runs out of good deeds and finally suffers for a long period of time. One who keeps calm and poised just suffers thru the ‘ang’st period but gains good deed to climb up in the birth cycle towards self-realization and eventually succeed in liberating its ownself…”THE SOUL”…then my soul sings.🙏


    1. Right on, dear soul. You MOST DEFINITELY are a man of THE SOUL, and thank you for allowing all of us to see your soul SING!!!!


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