(an observation and a plea by Timothy J. Verret)


What color is the sky in your world?

The reason I ask the above is because when two people come together, it might just be possible, if not extremely likely, that the color of the sky in your world at that moment won’t be the same color as the sky in someone else’s world at that moment. And, on a more personal note, it is not my job to change the color of the sky in your world, and it is not your job to change the color of the sky in my world. Unless you and I are asked to change the color. Unless you and I are asked! Our jobs are mainly to see the the colors of the sky in each other’s world and say to one another, “Yes, I see the color of the sky in your world. Please know I see it and since you didn’t ask me to change that color, I won’t do it. I’ll just sit with you under your colored sky, IF you want me to just sit with me and if you don’t mind?” Because if we are “fixing” to change the color of the sky in each other’s world, we are doing just that….”fixing.” It is NOT people’s job to “fix” other people. Our job is to be with that someone else and sit down with them and enjoy the different colors together. Not to change each other’s sky necessarily UNLESS asked!

Chances are if we don’t like the color of someone else’s sky, it is because their colored sky is making US uncomfortable, and we will immediately want to change that someone else’s colored sky so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable. Once again, that is NOT our job. If someone tells you about the color they see and you don’t even acknowledge the color they are seeing but instead go right into the color you want for them to see (and, on that note, you were not even being asked to change the color of their sky), that is about YOUR uncomfortability! Trust me: If they really want the color of their sky changed, let them ask you BEFORE you feel it is your job to change it.

And if you can’t sit with them in their colored sky as it makes you too uncomfortable, then please leave them alone because they would be much better served looking at their colored sky and acknowledge it then having you take it upon yourself to change it for them.

We step all over people when we don’t acknowledge where that person in our life is AT THAT MOMENT. No, we go into “fixing” mode and want to change them because they are making us uncomfortable. Listen: Chances are God met you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, so the very least you can do is meet others RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE!

Please, if you meet someone and they gotta different colored sky than you, sit with them and tell them you see it, you have acknowledged it, and that you’ll be glad to change the color of their sky IF THEY ASK YOU TO!!!! Otherwise, go back to your colored sky and make sure it is, indeed, the color you believed it was before you lef i.

This might sound “ugly” of me and a bit verbose (and I certainly am verbose), but this is also HUGE for me because it happens ALL THE TIME! So, I invite myself to “fix” myself with God’s Help under His and my own colored sky. I cannot extend that invitation to you, though. Sorry!

God bless you, and get to fixing yourself before you try to fix someone else…PLEASE!!!!

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