“I can change….how ’bout you?” – Timmy

This is one of many drawings from Timmy’s collection, “I AM NOT…I AM GOD’S LOVE.” Timmy and I feel we got a real good book on our hands, and I will be taking Timmy’s drawings the publication route, as I personally think what Timmy creates is SO BEAUTIFUL, SO COMPASSIONATE, and SO LOVING toward the animals he cares so much about. Timmy and I celebrate LOVE in these drawings, and it’s a LOVE that is for the animals, for us, for the people who see it, and most importantly Jehovah God.

Timmy, once again, spectacularly got to the “heart of the matter” with this drawing, as he is quite fond of accessing without hesitation or even trepidation. Timmy gives all the animals he draws such heart and such kindness and such mercy, and then it comes back to Timmy ten-fold.

Timmy recognizes that we (him and I) ARE changing, and we ARE changing for the better. We are recognizing our many gifts and talents given to us by The Creator Jehovah God. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to bring beauty and love and peace to a decaying and loveless and chaotic world. The treasure is the gifts of mercy and harmony that come from our opened (or at least opening) hearts and our need to bring such wonder into the world. It is a blessed partnership guided by Our Father, Jehovah God, through The Holy Spirit Name of his One and Only Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, as we exercise faith in Him to never perish but to have everlasting life in His Name.

Blessings and much, much LOVE always to ALL God’s Creatures, great and small, two legs and four legs, furs and fins and feathers (did we leave anyone out?)

–Timothy and Timmy

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