“Go”d is ALL we “go”t to “go” on right now!

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret: it’s how I cope to hope that I NEVER think I am the “go”t “go”d)

You expect too much from them that can’t know

who you are when walls collapse, doors shut; quiet.

It’s that silence, held breath, it’s when they….”go.”

“Go?” They didn’t even put up a fight.

I “go”t this “go”d spot where I bid farewell.

“Bye, bye. See you later. Door can hit you.

But if you’d turn around, my soul I’d sell

to have you hold me hard, kiss me deep. Whew!”

When we “go”t and when they “go,” He “go”ts to

“go,” too. Can’t have it your way now! No! NO!

We are not calling “go”ts no more. He, who

wore thorny crown, high shame, hands up, IS “GO!”

If we think we are the “go”t “go”d, really?

We’re sure to “go” when we “go”t that silly!

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