(God’s [?] Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope in the establishment [or re-establishment] of faith, the “away, away, away” of the thief, and my desperate need to “stay, stay, stay”)

You wonder why, “away, away, away.”

You’re done hoping, praying, living. Your 3

has become how you maneuver decay.

How you decompose down to absentee.

“Away, away, away,” is how I end.

There won’t be no more me to see; relief?

I’ll be a memory, no more the blend

of 2, just 0, nothing; unbelief!

“I do believe but help my unbelief.”

Mark Nine:Twenty4 – It does come about

that even strongest of faith meet the thief.

We say, “away, away, away,” but doubt.

Time will tell who will stay or go away.

How “‘doubt” you? I will be “away, away, away.”

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