(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I hope to cope in an “all-stars” dance and play of solitude)

You stand underneath stars; you say, “it’s good.”

You solidify solitude en masse.

Stars entertain your senses and you could

dream of Him, how He lights you, but….alas.

When I’m done weeping, I lonely see stars;

how they dance and play together.  I weep

some more, for I’m so jealous of the fars

the stars go to: Their reach?  My withdrawn deep.

“Fear not, for I can grasp stars and grasp you.”

Jeremiah 29:Eleven – “You’re mine!”

God’s Hands, so Huge, can wipe away all dew,

all we knew, all we thought; our stars will shine!

So, in solitude for stars, for regret,

fear not there’s so many; God paid our debt!

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