(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope in my transfiguration through Holy Spirit)

You find you are at transfiguration.

You’re inclined, never you mind, to “change.”

You’ve crawled and clawed your configuration;

twin comes in and goes out. You? Out of range.

I’m blurred in blue, string of yellow pearls; noose.

I’m robed in white. I’m sight and sound. I’m here,

been there, did that, loved this, played fast and loose.

I was ALL until I were NONE; bum steer.

“Jesus transfigured, sun face, clothes white light.”

Matthew 17:Two – “My son, well pleased.”

We transfigure when we accept our blight;

that we wither away without Love seized.

So, our transfiguration is God’s Sun.

God’s Sun is God’s Son; God’s Love is God’s Won.

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