Timmy continues to draw, and it was just last night while lying on the couch that I took an overview of the drawings that Timmy has done so far. They all are tacked to the wall in my living room. It truly amazed me that Timmy included a heart in EVERY drawing. That shows Timmy is ALL heart. And what I noticed was that on the very first drawings, the heart was smaller and it was inside the animal. Cut to NOW, and not only is the heart MUCH BIGGER but also it encompasses the animals’ being (it’s as though the heart is getting ready to “swallow up” the animal….and I LOVE THAT!). This is marvelous progress! And the colors have most definitely come more alive and are more richer than ever! There is an intensity and great passion to Timmy’s drawings that has taken place over these last 3-4 months. I am SO PROUD of Timmy’s work. I am like a proud pappa saying, “Look at my little boy! Look at what he has done! Isn’t he just AMAZING!” Yes, I am a very happy and proud pappa of Timmy. He deserves ALL the applause and accolades and acclaim for his brave, heartfelt, and MOST LOVING disposition of creativity and compassion, all of which just comes alive in his drawings. LOVE YOU, TIMMY!

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