(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope in just ONE ALL thing – ALL SPIRIT ALL THE DAY LONG AND FOR ALL TIME FOREVER AND EVER MORE; FLESH? NO MORE!)

You’re so caught up in what you are so flesh.

You got no spirit left. You’ve been brought back

to seeping scabs, weeping of wounds, still fresh.

Now you are front, the face-to-face, the LACK.

I’m going the gusto to ALL Holy.

NO MORE! will I slow burn my sliced, skinned heart.

I’m ALL expanse, I’m landscape, I’m lowly,

I’m humble, I’m SPIRIT; blood ties must part.

“ALL things of Spirit does Jesus strengthen.”

Philippians 4:Thirteen – “FLESH DEATH ME!”

We can see with “why’s?” But eyes must lengthen

our sacred, spiritual sockets to SEE!!!!

So, with Jesus, we Spiritually Soar.

But with our flesh, I swear to you, NO MORE!

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