(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope to “BE” this daily bread instead of “my do”)

You must journey yourself to the GREAT “BE.”

You must put down all the “do” tools of DO.

You’ve had your say long enough. Guaranty

is “quaranty,” where you “BE” unDOne NEW!

I got irk issues of “I DO” to count.

Like this sonnet; “If you like it, I’m worth.”

But what if you DOn’t? I’ll “BE” DO remount.

“BE” another sonnet, DO better, DEARTH!

“If you must do, DO it all for My “BE.”

1 Corinthians Ten:31 – PRAISE!

We can DO it all up so good, but we

must “my do” for God’s “BE.” We do His Days.

So, we must put away childish playthings,

for now we play with mature toys: “BE”INGS.

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