(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope that we all go all 🌈)

You’ve just arrived somewhere in the 🌈.

You’ve had so much to bear, but now you rest

in colors of hopeful hues all aglow.

You’ve made it “home.” You made it through. DIGEST!

I’m digesting somewhere in the 🌈.

Now that I’m “home,” I’m all pleased as red Punch.

Blue, green, yellow, orange, too. And I know

why 🌈 🐦 sings: ‘Cause ALL FREE! No hunch.

“Through Faith in Him, approach Him oh so Free.”

Ephesians Three:12 – In the 🌈, dream

of who God needs us to be: “Free or flee?”

If we choose “flee,” we lose His Color Scheme.

So, above, below, or in the 🌈,

or BE the 🌈? Why not? God says, “GO!!!!”

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