(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret: it’s how I cope to hope for the one-day-soon physical touch to ease my one-day-soon spiritual withdraw)

Maybe you’re someone who had matters much.

Maybe your matters much have been hijacked.

You got different matters now. NO TOUCH!

You crave handshakes and hugs, not this jam-packed.

I so envy sardines that lie so close

to each other in an unopened can.

I won’t let them out to scatter their dose

of fellowship, together; “connect clan.”

“Those who believed were tight; things to relate.”

Acts Two:44 – “Tight sardines in tune.”

If we know one or 4, let us update

these same. Our anxiety is repugn.

So, selfishly, I say, “Don’t be ‘fishy’

with me.” The matters much is God “shhhh….”ishy.

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