(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope to hope)

You are “hesitation situation.”

Don’t lie to yourself. You’ve paused. You’re freeze frame.

Rose-colored glasses? No germination!

You got all looking to you for acclaim.

I’ve been sitting, thinking, wanting, waiting:

my “hesitation situation.” Thief

sits, thinks, wants, waits, too, and thief is baiting

me. I’m a worm, you see; aperitif!

“Wait for the Lord. Be strong. Take heart. ALL wait.”

Psalm Twenty-Seven: 14 – NO DELAY!

Ain’t our time, for sure! Too late! Hesitate

was late and last and lewd, but Love? Feast Day!

So, “hesitation situation” ‘side.

God moves fast. God hurries. Can even glide.

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