(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; it’s how I cope with being “hunker up” instead of “hunker down.” Thanks for the inspiring term, Roy!)

This ‘un’bliss got you “h’un’ker down,” face down.

But you are unfazed, untouched, unmoved, “cool.”

Your “hide,” though, is a clown with a glum frown.

Best dang actor to ever play the fool.

I “hunker down” ’cause birds above drop red

rain down on me, leaving me a beetroot.

I should have stayed inside but in misled,

I walked the crooked mile from persecute.

Being in anguish, red sweat dropped from Him.

Luke Twenty Two, 44 – “Hunkered Down.”

Hematidrosis rare; Jesus is Hymn.

He is why we melody such renown.

So, in the “hunker down,” we “hunker up.”

‘Cause it’s where our Help comes from. His Love. Yup!

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