(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, inspired by Psalm 103, v. 11-12, and a story from Max Lucado’s book, LIFE LESSONS FROM PSALMS, that said, “Abraham Lincoln once listened to the pleas of a mother of a soldier who had been sentenced to hang for treason. Lincoln granted the soldier’s pardon but said these words to the mother: ‘Still, I wish I could teach him a lesson. I wish we could give him just a little bit of a hangin’.'”)

You are a little bit of a hangin’.

You deserve way worse than you’ve been givin’.

And yet you’ve been blessed to have some bangin’

on your steel drum, even allowed livin’.

I should be locked up with no key in sight.

I should have NOTHIN’, NADA, ZILCH, NO LIFE!

And yet I’m breathin’, writin’, livin’ in Light.

I’ll tell you why this is if you’ll shrug strife.

It’s God’s Compassion that removes our sin.

Psalm 103: Eleven to Twelve – GRACE!!!!

Can’t explain it no better than, yeah, we WIN!!!!

“Satan, you LOSE! Sorry, dude! You lose face!”

So, yes, we deserve to be hung to dry.

But God cut the red rope. Now, we comply.

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