(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret; a choice anthem of whether to “under””go” or “over””come”)

You don’t think you will stand to overcome.

The coffins were more expensive than planned.

So, you choose to die where you lie. “Out””come”

of you is to be “in” when you “go” stand.

I don’t think I will overcome the fear.

I got faith, sure, but what I lack is vow

to stay alive despite the served-up drear.

I don’t do alone well. Lifeless…. and how!

“To him who overcomes, as I did, STAND!”

Revelation Three: Twenty One – CONQUER!

We must conquer angst of Love being banned,

for it is Perfect Love that clears all blur.

So, “over””come” and don’t “under””go” low the knife.

Is there not one thing more precious than life?

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