(God’s Article and Painting by Timothy J. Verret, to know that MUCH TIME is there for those who desire to live by the Spirit and not the flesh)

So, here we are….

Can I just be pointblank with you? We are living in SO MUCH FEAR because it seems there is NOT MUCH TIME. What are we doing? Why are we doing what we are doing? How are we doing with what we are doing and why we are doing what we are doing? You can breathe, now! Maybe you are one of the more “enlightened ones” who seem to be not the least bit concerned about SO MUCH FEAR and/or NOT MUCH TIME. Maybe you have what can be called “strong faith?” Faith that what you are doing, you are doing it with faith. Faith that why you are doing, you are doing it with faith. Faith that how you are doing, you are doing it with faith. Faith IS believing in SOMETHING….SOMEONE….that seems to transcend “worldly concerns.” Faith in God? Faith in Buddha? Faith in Jesus? Faith in yourself? If you are of the latter, what and why and how is that working out for you? 

I am currently at a place of faith. I’m trying not to prescribe to any crisis, including this coronavirus, in panic, as I see so many following that road. That seems to be a testament to my place of faith and my desire to always live spiritually and NOT by the flesh. I find it truly disconcerting to see so many people, especially “Christians,” being so overly concerned with this virus thing. Being concerned about this virus is “truth.” But being OVERLY concerned about this virus is “false,” suggests lack of faith in SOMETHING….SOMEONE….bigger than you. And, maybe more to the point, it suggests a “worldly concern.” I have faith in God and Jesus Christ, and it is by the Holy Spirit that I wish to exist and move and talk and speak. While I might not be of a GREAT faith, it is a “mustard seed-size” faith and, according to the Bible, The Book of Truth, that is ALL it takes! So, given that my OVERLY concern is with my spirit and not my physical body, the “body” of the world and its dictates are the farthest thing from my mind (at least I’m trying not to let them take root). 

“You are not taking this serious enough, Timothy. Do you want to die????” No, I don’t want to die. But, I am not so MUCH concerned about my physical death as I am about my spiritual death. My physical body is wired to die. I blame that on Adam and Eve. But my spiritual body? NO, NOT NOW, NOT EVER….THAT WILL NEVER DIE! That is my OVERLY concern “thought of the day!”

But I reckon it would behoove me to list for you, the reader, the following Five-Help Stop Coronavirus List that just dropped into my lap…actually, from the printer J

1. HANDS – Wash them often.

2. ELBOW – Cough into it.

3. FACE – Don’t touch it.

4. FEET – Stay more than 3 feet apart.

5. FEEL sick? – Stay home.

If you are familiar with my writing style, I am quite the lover of putting exclamation points (!) after much of what I write. I do that to get my point across. But if you noticed with the Five-Help Stop Coronavirus List, I put a period (.) at the end and NOT a (!) I did that for a reason. To put a (!) would suggest that I am panicking. To put a (.) would suggest I am not OVERLY concerned about what I typed up. I sure do love it when I get myself into a “pronunciation game” (exclamation points and periods and commas and underlines and bolds, etc., are my VERY BEST friends)

But, seriously (as “serious” as I am willing to be right now), DO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!! (whew….that felt good to put that [!!!!] right there). And taking care of ourselves goes for whether we got a virus up in our affairs or we got a hope for MUCH TIME and better days in our futures.

I care about you, I am praying for you, and I LOVE YOU!

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