(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, dedicated to all who carry “affliction addiction,” so…. EVERYONE!)

You smoke cigarettes but you want to quit.

You’ve gambled your soul all the long away.

You don’t know you don’t love you, bit by bit.

You’ve reached the end of “false self.” Go or stay?

I got so much affliction addiction.

Give me a habit or a hurt, I’m “in.”

I’ll run it to the ground in two. FRICTION!

You see: I don’t like me much. I’m has-been.

The “old” is has-been, something “NEW” is here.

Second Corinthians Five: Seventeen.

We are “NEW” in Jesus Christ, we endear

ourselves in God’s Love. No more we demean.

So, “false self,” go! “NEW,” come! None be flighty.

Addiction = Ab”sin”ce of The Almighty.

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