(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, for those who dive deep)

You got this vision of who you need be.

But who you are now is who they have made.

They put you in hell’s oven, baked carefree,

to remove you too soon the Centigrade.

I got a notion of an ocean deep.

Meaning: I’m diving in, heart first, hate last.

You don’t gotta go down with me. ASLEEP?

But I’m going ’cause my hell has done passed.

We walk all by Spirit and not by flesh.

Galatians Five: Sixteen – Dive….no Desire.

We don’t gratify us no more. Refresh!

We dive and strive as God’s Magnifier.

So, put down the pen, writer, and Soul Plunge.

All flesh and fame and success to expunge.

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