(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, inspired by a line in the film, DANGEROUS LIAISONS, and dedicated to all who have eaten and still eating the “‘next’ shame fruit”)

The shame is like the game: You play to win.

But do you know what prize you’re to receive?

There will be an award but not gold…. tin.

Tinman heart tells time but not worn on sleeve.

I, though, wear my huge heart on my huge sleeve.

And because I do, hurt happens, shame starts,

and shame don’t let up, no, it goes to cleave

and stick and deepen deep ’til I’m all WARTS!

Adam and Eve were naked, felt no shame.

Genesis Two: Twenty Five – “Next,” Serpent

brought them shame, they devoured it, then “next,” blame.

Shame is the “next” game; it’s, “next,” we get bent.

So, shame is like the pain; it goes away.

LIES!!! Shame’s “next” scars. We quiet them as they stay.

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