(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, dedicated to a girl in school I knew who endured what Jesus and I endured, ALL, same: RIDICULE!)

You were fifteen and you were just a kid.

You got into some trouble ’cause you dreamed

of connection, a safe place, no more hid.

You were the laughing stock of their tag-teamed.

I was fifteen. I knew about your sin.

I walked your halls with you; I stayed nearby.

They taunted me, too. “We got this. Just grin.”

I saw you ’cause our stain was same: FALL GUY!

He that is without sin can cast that stone.

John Eight: Seven – “You’re a screwup like us.”

Jesus, a carpenter, planks was He prone

to remove from hypocrites’ eyes, “judge pus.”

So, drop those stones! ALL not perfect either.

We’ve ALL been fifteen. TRAUMA. ALL….neither.

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