(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J Verret about, you guessed it, LOVE)

Love is all you have to do this day bread.

And, actually, it’s not to do BUT Be.

You can travel a love mile and be led

to your life wine, divine, innocently.

I’ll travel with you if you don’t mind me

putting my head on your shoulders to rest?

If I can be sure I’m safe in your “see?”

If you take my hand in yours, no protest?

If we don’t Be Love, NIL, NOTHING, ALL END!

First John Four: Eight – For God IS Love. ‘Nuf said.

We simply must simply Love must, Love friend.

Without it, there is no “with.” WE ARE DEAD!!!!

So, let us be and know and see Love in

you, me (them, too), ALL things “with”in. AMEN.

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