(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret on being SOMEONE or SOMETHING of service to God with “none need nervous”)

You are not nothing and not everything.

You are something, and SOMEthing is SOMEone.

SOMEone is You (valuable, treasured), “ding-

dong, you’re not dead,” but alive but undone.

Speaking of “done,” I got outdone indeed.

I got”out” lost in pursuing “out”side

matters. The “how can I be who you need

me to be? How can I please you?” COLLIDE!

Am I seeking man’s approval or God’s?

Galatians One: Ten – Serve God and NOT man.

Let our acceptance speech tell of the odds

that God always comes through, always more than.

So, be that SOMEONE, SOMETHING of service

in God’s House who “comes clean.” None need nervous!

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