distant dunce

(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret to celebrate “NOW”)

You might be reading this but you’re not here.

You’re there, au contraire; you are nothing now.

You’ve made the past your now, maybe your year.

Or the next breath, you await, give endow.

This writer understands if you’re not here.

He’s there, too, so fear not the misconstrue.

He’s past and future, not now; all unclear.

Tiny red demons steal moments adieu.

This is the NOW that the Lord has so made.

Let us rejoice in this NOW, be content

with this NOW now that He NEW knits white shade.

God IS our NOW, our Breath, our Hope Lament.

Join me NOW, as I take in love at once.

I might fall short, though; my role? distant dunce.

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