(God’s Painting by Timothy J. Verret….with an intimate observation)

INTIMATE OBSERVATION: I love the opening of the film, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER…. AND SPRING: A little boy, for “fun?,” ties a stone around these animals he finds like a frog and a fish and a snake. When his Buddhist monk mentor finds out what he’s done, he ties a stone around the boy and tells him he must go and find these animals he tied a stone to and if any of them have died, the mentor instructs him to untie their stone and properly bury them. Then, the mentor will untie the physical stone from the boy, but the boy will ALWAYS carry a stone around his heart. That right there is Spirituality 101 and what you probably won’t find in any Parenting 101 class or book. But teach it to your children….and yourself….anyway! 🙏❣️😇🐶🐻


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