(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret)

Do you know what size you might be today?

You, extra-large, wreaking havoc on all?

Or are you extra-small, mustard-seed pray?

Maybe you’re just medium. It’s your call.

My life of late is not defined by size.

It’s me trying on your clothes, not my own.

Of course it won’t fit, for I’m in disguise.

I’m guise, I’m hiding out, fearing me clone.

I’ll cut you to the chase: God is Scaleless.

No size applies! But if it were so, VAST!

Infinite, measureless, sweet sheer, “veil-less.”

The last shall be first; the first shall be last.

There aren’t too many who are in my squad.

I take it to the streets: “Right-size me, God!”

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